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Stacks Genetic Progress on top of Legacy

Starting with the vision of George Vanderbilt that began over a 100 years ago, Biltmore Livestock's program continues to fulfill the legacy of quality, community, and innovation in modern day. We value legacy, but we also believe in progress and making data driven decisions. We understand that genetic progress takes time and is not always accessible. Let Biltmore Livestock help increase the value of your herd whether it’s through….

- Fescue Tolerance
- Long lasting and Productive Livestock
- Breeding performance without sacrificing Maternal characteristics
- Desirable carcass traits
- Docility and good temperament

We aim to continue offering quality livestock and exceeding your expectations for generations to come.


Upcoming Events


Fall Field Day & Sale

You are invited to join us on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC where we will host an auction of Yearling Bulls, Elite Females & Pairs, and White Dorper Sheep.

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How to Buy Biltmore Livestock

First, fill out our Buy Biltmore Livestock Form. Once we receive your form, let us help match you with the perfect animal(s) for your program. We will then schedule your visit and you take home outstanding Biltmore Livestock.

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Biltmore Livestock Promise

Herd Health

Fully vaccinated, disease tested, and in good health.


Breeding Soundness Exam results by our veterinarian.

Carcass Quality

Carcass Ultrasound results by our veterinarian.

Backed by Data

DNA results for parentage on all livestock and test for scrapie on the sheep.

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In 1896 George Vanderbilt brought a Jersey dairy herd to his new estate in Asheville. Those same jersey cows led to an overwhelmingly successful dairy operation that was an Asheville staple for decades in the early 1900’s. Biltmore entered the beef cattle industry in 1983 with the purchase of 29 Black Angus heifers. Biltmore has always been, and always will be, a working estate. Biltmore also raises Berkshire hogs, the original heritage breed chosen by Mr. Vanderbilt himself. Although Mr. Vanderbilt originally raised Southdown sheep, our modern Dorper crosses prove well adapted to our climate and able to produce high quality meat products.

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